​​​​​​​​​​​​Clear Sky COATINGS SOLUTIONS (CSCS), LLC

  • Providing Protective & Chemical Resistant Epoxies, Urethanes, Acrylics, MMA's, Vinyl Esters, Quartz & other proven Advanced Coating / Paint Systems along with their proper applications and installations. 
  • Providing Business Consulting for evaluating Problems & their Solutions including the development of project details, specifications, scope and execution if needed.

Waterproofing & Moisture Control 

Building Waterproofing and sealing including roof repairs as well as vertical walls and surfaces, Silo / Tank waterproofing and moisture / sealing flooring membranes.

Equipment Coating

Protective Coatings for Boilers, Furnaces, clarifiers, pumps, piping, HVAC Systems (Chillers, cooling towers, air handling units (AHU's), Dust Collectors, Heat Exchangers), Tank Linings & Coatings, etc.    

Secondary containments

Secondary containments and primary containments for single tanks, wastewater treatment plants, tank farms, utility rooms, ash pits, cooling reservoirs, any collection pits, etc.

Industrial Floors / Walls

We provide Chemical Resistant, Seamless, Quartz & ESD/Conductive Flooring System. Flooring Systems for Industrial Facilities including Electric Power Plants, Food Processors, Commercial Kitchens, Laboratories, Clean Rooms, Locker Rooms, Bathrooms, Garages, Detention Facilities, Utility Rooms, Kennels, etc.

CSCS Serving New England, NY & NJ: 

  Personalized Coverage in Massachusetts, Connecticut,

  Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, Southern Maine,

  Eastern New York including NYC, and Northern NJ.  

After working for over 30 years in chemical engineering, chemistry, fine chemical & speciality chemical manufacturing, coatings industry, leather applications, cosmetic formulation & ingredients manufacturing, project/process/plant engineering, construction, consulting and business,  an LLC was created by several talented professionals from the local chemical industries.  Although this business had been operating for over 7 years as a sole proprietorship/private contractor/partnership, it officially became an LLC in 2007.   Since its formation Clear Sky Coatings Solutions has formed working partnerships with several highly specialized and skilled coating companies and contractors.  With our total expertise, we offer the Best Practical Solutions without being "locked-in" to specific coating product lines.  Clear Sky Coatings Solutions exercises this freedom to provide the best coating system regardless of the supplier for your unique project.   As a result, our customer satisfaction levels are always very high.  

Clear Sky Coatings  Solutions (CSCS), LLC History 

  • On-Site Audits
  • Detailed Proposals
  • High Safety Standards
  • Excellent References 
  • Quality Products & Reliable 
  • Warrantied Work