​​​​​​​​​​​​Clear Sky COATINGS SOLUTIONS (CSCS), LLC

  • Providing Protective & Chemical Resistant Epoxies, Urethanes, Acrylics, MMA's, Vinyl Esters, Quartz & other proven Advanced Coating / Paint Systems along with their proper applications and installations. 
  • Providing Business Consulting for evaluating Problems & their Solutions including the development of project details, specifications, scope and execution if needed.

Large Primary Containment Project 

This was a challenging project requiring concrete repair, sealing work, a prime coat along with several more coatings applications to complete

this large containment pit (slide presentation on your right)

Secondary Containment


This was a single tank secondary containment requiring wall repair, sealing and coating. 

Equipment Coating 

We work on HVAC Systems, Tank Linings & Tank Coatings, Split Case Pumps, Piping, Ducts, AHU's, Dust Collectors, Filter Housings, Truck Bodies, Dumpsters, etc. and etc.

Roofing Repairs 

CSCS repairs membrane, metal, & rubber roofing systems.  In addition, we frequently waterproof exterior walls and sometimes complete buildings as well as commercial deck coatings.  

Transformer Pads & Pedestal Repairs/Coatings

We will frequently use membranes in the coating process to improve the overall repair integrity. Our company has repaired many concrete structures throughout New England. 

Silo/Tank Waterproofing & Sealing 

In this case, rain and condensate were causing problems for the stored powders.  After CSCS's work, powder "caking" & "balling-up" was eliminated. 

Flooring Systems 

CSCS installs many different floor & wall systems.  Along with concrete repairs, we install epoxy, polyurethane, novolac, acrylic, MMA, polyaspartic polyurea & conductive flooring systems.